Filicudi Island - Pecorini Mare

Welcome to Filicudi !

Welcome to Filicudi...!
From here begins your fascinating tour of Filicudi Island!

For thousands of years aeolian islands captured sailors by their beauty. Now even you are offered the possibility to dive into the magic atmosphere of this enchanted island.

Vista aerea dell'isola di Stromboli

Our house, in Pecorini "mare" (mare means "sea"), just a few steps from the waves of the sea, will accommodate you and will let you feel the emotion of living in an island so different from any other island for nature, history, traditions, culture, art...

You'll enjoy the renowned Aeolian couisine, by traditional recipes.
You'll visit uncontaminated places, breathe the breeze of a clean sea rich of life underwater!

Vista aerea dell'isola di Stromboli

You can watch fisherman at work with their traditional "conzo" and nets to capture the tasty fish of the island, sipping the local wine, the "malvasia" at the Saloon in Pecorini of Zio Nino. Sicily island is in front of you from east to west, with volcanoes, mountains and its silhouette. From Filicudi Island you can also see the silhouette of the other sister islands: Salina, Alicudi, Lipari, Volcano, Stromboli ...

After a short walk you can visit a prehistoric village (neolithic age), a treasure of italian archeology.
You can also walk by the many small paths that links the various parts of the island.

It is possible to rent a boat and tour around the island, stopping wherever you wish to swim, dive or just have a sunbath!

Vista aerea dell'isola di Stromboli

During winter times the island is gorgeous too, full of vitality and energy.
A crystal clear fresh air will be with you in your trips around the island (yes, it is an island but you can also just enjoy trekking!). In the right time mushrooms are everywhere.

This web site is born with the aim of helping you in your trip here, finding a nice place to stay and let you know better the island of Filicudi.

Vista aerea dell'isola di Stromboli


Once here you'll discover our extraordinary hospitality!

We are waiting for you! We've got to show you our island and our sea, glad to know new friends!

Antonio and Rosetta Bonica, Filicudi Island.

Vista aerea dell'isola di Stromboli


Grazie per aver visitato!